Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Devil Dog Barks

Welcome to Devil Dog Travel, your sentient anxiety renovator and travel destination experience for the less than bland who seek the great beyond where life is real and the visuals entice.

We are committed to finery and tomfoolery, excitement and designer living, your design that is.

If its cool, we'll try to get there...if it rages we'll be in the middle of it...if theres a crowd we'll be on the fringe...and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Robert Johnson had his hellhound ...we are your devil dog, your steady companion in travel to the far corners of the hinterland, even when that may lie in the heart of the great cities of America or the far corners of the Pacific, the slopes of Colorado or the pools of Oheo.

Travel is the essence of joy...seeking that which lies beyond so we may drink of its sweet wine and lap up all it has to offer with sumptuous enthusiasm.

For wherever you may go....the Devil Dog is on your trail!


BigAl said...

Hey devil dog. I like your style. I want to read more.
What is your next destination? Maybe I can be on
your tail!

Kent E St. John said...

Love it!!!!

DougB said...

The flowery, prose-like descriptions of the areas Devil Dog visits are just makes it so you easily visualize what he is talking about!!!...and he even includes a little history along some factual info to!!

I, too, can't wait for his journey! Of course, with a name like Devil Dog, you would expect him to visit the Belleau Woods!!