Friday, November 28, 2008

Pau Hana Estate

Pau Hana Estate is  one of Kona's finest coffee farms, with a heritage stretching back more than a dozen years. Current owners Carol Weaver and Sandy Masterson live on five acres of sheer paradise at the top of Koa road in Captain Cook.  The farm is at an elevation of 2400 feet, produces superior organic coffee, is impeccably groomed, and has views all the way to the ocean.  Pau Hana Estate won second place in the Gevalia Cup in 2006, and in its previous incarnation as Woods Captain Cook Estate under early coffee pioneers Merle and Kathy Wood it won first place in 2001 and third place in 2002.  Carol and Sandy have continued this tradition of excellence and are an integral part of the Kona Coffee community.  

Their coffee can be purchased over the internet at or by calling them at 808 328 8099. It is hard to understate the richness of their coffee, the powerful aroma of their beans in the bag and its smooth full throated taste in the cup. Pau Hana Estate stands out as one of the most distinctive coffees in Kona, and one of my favorites. 

As readers of the Devil Dogs recent columns on Kona Coffee may have noticed, Pau Hana is part of the legendary Captain Cook or Koa Road ahupuaa, which also boasts Kuaiwi Farm, J Yokoyama (Kona Bob), and Koa Farms.   As always, the Devil Dog heartily encourages you to support the estate coffee farmers of Kona by buying their product directly over the internet. 100% estate grown Kona Coffee not only makes a perfect gift, but also supports the independent entreprenurial artisan farmer crafting a fine high quality product.  

Pau Hana Estate upholds the finest aspects of that tradition, and Carol and Sandy have taken their corner of paradise and continue to be a leading player in  premium Kona Coffee market. Check out their web site at  

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