Saturday, May 30, 2009

Restaurant La Litote in the old city of Vence

Of all the amazing meals we had on this trip, and I mean all of them, one of the best was right here at this little bistro on a quiet cobbled street in the old city of Vence, La Litote, where owner and head chef Stephane Furlon has created a fabulous, if tiny enclave of innovative cuisine.  

We had a romantic table in the stone walled room, and the meal that followed was nothing short of spectacular.  Foie Gras with mango chutney was ridicuously good.  Lobster salad with bean sprouts and beat sauce was extremely fresh and innovative. Black tagiolini with unshelled braised prawns was nothing short of a masterpiece.  And all of this coming out of a tiny kitchen where Chef Furlon is a hands on multitalented artist.

La Litote is in a beautiful building, with a lovely second floor dining area with an ancient wood beamed ceiling.  The Devil Dog thrives on authentic charm, and La Litote fits the bill in many ways.  A small out of the way restaurant with an owner chef serves up spectacular cooking with quality on a scale that demands recognition.  It is very popular with the locals, at lunch ( as seen below) and dinner.  La Litote is the kind of restaurant it is worth going out of your way to discover and explore.

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