Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stephane Furlon...La Litote's Master Chef

Look carefully. This is the image of a one man band playing Mozart with precision and fluidity. Stephane Furlan is proof that great things can come in small packages,or that great food can come from small restaurants with a tiny kitchen.  Here we see him at work in his zone of authority. The Devil Dog asked him when he can expect his Michelin star. He laughed and said, "Michelin star...with this kitchen....oh no....I would need a saucier, a desert chef, and several thousand more square feet". Then he laughed again, and went back to work. I guess the point is that he serves Michelin star gourmet meals with flair and inventiveness with what he has. Imagine what he could do with a larger restaurant. Until that day comes, whenever I am within 50 miles of Vence I will be making the return trip to La Litote. Great restaurants are hard enough to find. Exceptional boutique establishments like La Litote are priceless.

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