Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

So two million people  turned out on the Washington Mall  for the inauguration of Barack Obama, while billions watched around the globe.  The sense of possibility and renewal is inescapable, as is the tangible feeling of the dawning of a new era. Washington was frigid but the atmosphere was electric.  These pictures of the Capitol and the Washington Monument were taken last summer for an article for New York Newsday.

The Devil Dog knows a lot of people who may have not voted for our new president, and who have found themselves grumbling under their breath at the chorus of "change" they see all around them. To them I say take heart, embrace the new era and the vitality of our democracy, give the new President the chance to be  a vessel that takes the country to a new and better place.  Politics does not mean the requirement to disrespect the process of democracy.  Politics demands that we accept the new face of Washington and be proud of the history we have made and the example it sets around the world.

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