Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mountain Thunder Coffee

Trent Bateman is a coffee man on a mission.  His Mountain Thunder Coffee occupies 8 organic acres at the highest elevation for a coffee farm in Kona, 3200 feet, and he processes mills and roasts for a number of other farms as well.  But his Mountain Thunder organic coffee is sensational, and Trents reputation is such in Kona that he mills and roasts the coffee for all the entrants to this years Gevalia Cup.  

Trents operation is impresssive, but his home and coffee fields are beautiful.  Thats him above in front of his home.  We walked down to the middle of his coffee trees as the sun was setting where Trent has built a patio platform.  The two pictures below show his fields, first looking down towards the Pacific, and then looking up towards his house, bathed in the golden red light of the setting sun.

Mountain Thunder Coffee can be found at or by calling 808 325 2136.

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