Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rancho Aloha

Bruce and Lisa Corker have a beautiful property high in the hills of Holualoa, just outside the tiny village, with one acre of coffee trees, but it must be a spectacular acre because they won the Gevalia Cup in 2006.

A lawyer by training, Bruce served in the Peace Corp as a youth and was smitten with the coffee farms in the mountains of Columbia, so when he moved to Hawaii it was a natural progression to buy his own farm.

While the property is quite nice, with a larger rental house at the top, Bruce and Lisa live in this unassuming bungalow at the lower end of the property, with an idyllic surrounding and stunning views.  They produce about 1000 pounds of Rancho Aloha coffee and it ALWAYS sells out so order early and often.  Rancho Aloha Coffee can be found at or by calling 808 322 9562.

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