Thursday, February 19, 2009

St Paul de Vence

In the south of France,in the hillos above Cap d'Antibe, lies the ancient Roman walled village of St Paul de Vence, literally rising over medieval walls to crown a hilltop. Last year the Devil Dog spent an extraordinary 10 days in the south of France, and the first four were spent in this magical village at the legendary Hotel Le Columbe d'Or. St Paul de Vence has long been an artists colony, and today is a wildly popular tourist destination. Yet in spite of its rather busy modern existence it maintains an air of charm and elegent authenticity that makes it a special place, especially when you are staying there and the tourists have left at the end of the afternoon. Then it is a quaint little village with two steller hotels and an open lawn where the men gather and play Boulle. At the crown of the village is the bell tower of the church, whose peels are heard throughout the town at the top of the hour. 

The Devil Dog must thank Katherine Johnstone and the good people at Maison de la France for making arrangements that guided the Devil Dog on this sojourn to the Riviera. Join me for the next dozen or so columns as we relive that fabulous adventure.

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