Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Hula stylings of Miss Kona Coffee

Hula lives. Thats right. Hula isn't just for tourists, and is a serious part of the reawakening of Hawaiian culture in the islands. Still its a touch exotic, and always a lot of fun, especially when it erupts spontaneously, (like last year in remote Hana, Maui, at a popular steakhouse, when a male member of the audience jumped up and performed a very masculine, intricate Hula with the  band playing Hawaiian music.)

But at the end of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, in a big outdoor tent on the lawn of the Outrigger Keauhou Bay Resort, Miss Kona Coffee got up at the end of the program and performed a graceful and quite lovely Hula, without ever disturbing her sash or crown.  

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