Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

It has been a wonderful year for travel, an amazing year in politics, a disastrous year for the worldwide economy, and as we end 2008 we can only be excited about the prospects for 2009.

The Devil Dog spent time in Steamboat Springs and Crested Butte for ski trips, went to St. Paul de Vence and Cap d'Antibe in the south of France, thanks to Katherine Johnstone and the amazing people at Maison de la France, rolled down the Mississippi River on a paddleboat from Memphis to New Orleans, luxuriated in Champagne and Burgundy, France, and renewed ties with a dozen or so coffee farmers in the south of Kona, among many other adventures along the way too numerous to recount here, but rest assured they were good ones.

After many years writing travel pieces for The Washington Times the Devil Dog expanded his horizons with pieces this year in New York Newsday, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and the Dallas Morning News, with upcoming articles scheduled for the Austin American Statesman, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, and The Honolulu Advertiser. Watch for expanding circles of media penetration in the year to come.

I would thank several key people, including the aforementioned Katherine Johnstone, for whom I give great thanks for both her wisdom and efficiency, and massive kudos for being such a cool person, and Kent St. John of and the travel blog Be Our Guest, better known to our intrepid readers as Francois Delay du Pompideau, who not only is a Keith Richards like partner in crime (I guess that makes me Ronnie), but whose friendship and decency as a member of the human race led to the creation of this column (and who coined the nickname of Devil Dog for yours truly under circumstances that are cloudy at best).

Happy New Year to all and best wishes from the Devil Dog for a beautifully ridiculous 2009!

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