Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

On this most glorious of days, on Christmas, the Devil Dog is drawn back to his ski trip to Crested Butte last year, because nothing says Christmas like snow in the mountains.  Sleigh bells ring....are you listening.

Mount Crested Butte,  seen from town above, and Crested Butte Ski Resort are one of the best kept secrets in Alpine skiing, a winter wonderland of unparralleled proportions.  And they get a lot of snow there. The fabulous upscale restaurant Soupson, in a log cabin from the 1890's, is buried under an avalanche of snow.

The original City Hall, built in 1883, is now a community arts center.  The town is a fairy tale of an iconic western mountain range town, and on Christmas day we cannot help but cast a glance to winters beauty in the mountains of Colorado.

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