Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thunderball Snorkle Dive in Kealekekua Bay

So the Devil Dog is on a Fairwind snorkle dive in pristine and historic Kealekekua Bay, but there's a wicked twist....they have handheld underwater propulsion devices, personal submarine navigators, such as the yellow number in the hands of our dive master and guide in the picture above.  With this device we ply the waters of the bay from the shallows of a few feet to twenty yards off shore where its 30 feet deep, to thirty yards off shore where its a hundred feet or more.  Oh yes.  It gets steep very quick, and very deep...it drops off.  But its stunning. And with our Thunderball James Bond underwater propulsion devices we cruise at a steady pace on top of or under the water, diving to 30 feet or more in a heartbeat, and shooting to the surface with equal clarity.

Speaking of clarity, this is the area where we dock and where the crystal clear waters are 10 to 30 feet deep, filled with sea life, coral,  and a veritable underwater wonderland.

Kealekekua Bay is many things, but the Devil Dog counts it as one of the things you must do at least once at some time over the years when you are in Kona.  It is somewhat of a destination point, meaning it can be a little crowded on days, so the private dive with the Thunderball underwater propulsion device is highly recommended, because you see a lot more of the bay and you cover more territory, going into areas of the marine preserve that are less seen. 
Its a magical time on the Fairways boat Hula Kai.

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