Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kealekekua Bay

Kealekekua Bay is a crystal clear immaculately beautiful natural wonder of undersea joy and aquatic adventure. Lined by towering cliffs, Kealekekua Bay is also the site of ancient Hawaiian legend, where Captain Cook discovered the Sandwich Islands and was hailed by natives as a God, only to be slain in an armed skirmish on the shores of this very bay when he returned to repair his ship when it was damaged in a storm shortly after leaving, and met with a series of escalating conflicts with the local Hawaiian chief.  A monument on the spot of the skirmish marks the photo below. The Devil Dog is appalled at the violence but respectful of its significance.

But the waters of Kealekekua Bay and the pristine snorkeling are its constant calling in these modern days, and as a protected marine environment it is home to packs of porpoises of different species and persuasions.  

Our trip to Kealekekua Bay is a Fairwinds excursion, on their magnificant diving yacht the Hula Kai. Its a five hour excursion, with lunch served aboard, visuals of the ocean and the coast that are unbeleivable and a seaside approach to the hallowed waters of Kealekekua Bay that are the start of its own adventure.  A day of snorkeling in these amazing waters is a popular but truly worthy encounter with the ocean. We spend the day in  an undersea adventure worthy of James Bond.  As in Thunderball.  As in underwater hand held forward motion aquatic propulsion devices.  More on that later.

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