Monday, March 23, 2009

Church tower at dawn...St Paul de Vence

At the crown of St Paul de Vence, at its highest point, is the church and the bell tower.  We found our way to its foot and shot these pictures of the bell tower against the blue sky. The brilliant white stone tower is the signature structure in St Paul, its bells pealing across the village, marking each hour, and echoing in the valley below.
The sanctuary is timeless, simple, and quietly astonishing, a pristine time chamber to the antiquity of the church, and a living parish at the center of a priceless location. Then its back the way we came,  down the cobbled pathway seen below, a maze of tiny streets that wind and twist in the empty beauty of the early morning, where even the dewey fresh smell of the morning air is a distinct mood elevator that the Devil Dog, ever attentive, relishes in.

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