Monday, March 9, 2009

Second floor four room suite at La Colombe d'Or

Imagine a four room suite extending all the way across one wing of the second floor of La Colombe d'Or.  From our bedroom window, as seen in an earlier post, we could watch the sun rise over the valley and illuminate the outdoor patio, and look out over the main square and the Boulle court from the other window.

Thick wooden beams give a 16th century feel to the ceilings, while the large living room gives way to a sitting area, an elevated armoir area , and then a sumptuous bedroom chamber. The Devil Dog was more than impressed. His wife was even more blown away.  It was like an apartment instead of a hotel room, richly appointed with beautiful works of art, not hotel room art, but real works of collectable art every bit as impressive as what hangs in the bar and the dining rooms.

Here we see the bed chamber and beautiful beamed ceiling. La Colombe d'Or is more like a gathering place for old friends in need of relaxation in genuine unique luxury that is defined as the beauty of the moment all around you.

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