Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hotel St. Paul....a Relais Aux Chateau retreat

La Colombe d'Or is not the only luxury hotel in St Paul de Vence.  At one end of the village is the lovely and sumptuous Hotel St.Paul, a superb luxury hotel with amazing views, a fabulous Michellin starred restaurant, and a terrific romantic getaway. In fact, on the Devil Dogs honeymoon, long before he was a travel writer, he and his lovely wife came to St. Paul de Vence as part of our month long sojourn from Paris to Rome and couldn't get in to La Colombe d'Or (it was booked solid), so we stayed at Hotel St. Paul for two nights. I'm happy to report that it is still just as lovely as it was 14 years ago, the restaurant is still superb, and in the summer, dinner on the open patio is a virtually religous experience, especially when they wheel out the fromage cart amidst the twinkling lights and the cool summer wind, our mind set on delight, our sense on overdrive, all enhanced by a fine bottle of wine.

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