Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quaint 400 year old homes in St Paul de Vence

There's a sense of wonder as we meander through alleyways and tiny streets past wondrous very old homes in St.Paul de Vence.  Its a feeling of immersion into a time long past that has somehow survived into the modern age, that we are free to experience and ponder. Like what, the Devil Dog ponders, would it be like to live in the house above, a solitary two story sentinel at the intersection of three divergent streets. 
The wonder of St Paul de Vence is how the ancient village has been reinvented as an arts center, with lovely shops,and fine art, and craftsm,en, and a thriving community, and yet never loses the feel of a tiny mountaintop village.  Like the charming 400 year old house above, an elegant corner of the past come to life with brilliance and charm......indeleble charm...incalculably affecting....and joy affirming.

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