Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back in LA

The Devil Dog took a brief sabbatical to Washington DC to see his family. While there I spent the week getting my mothers kitchen renovated with new granite countertops and  porcelain tile floors. We picked out our granite slab and the specific tile, selected a new kitchen sink and faucet, took bids from 6 contractors  to install the floor, selected one (an Italian stoneworker), and the day I left they started installing. I learned the joy of a riding lawnmower as I cut the grass at my mothers second home in Richmond, where we also visited my 94 year old Aunt Mildred in the nursing home.  It is the joy of family that is irreplaceable. Even the Devil Dog has a mother.

Now I am back in LA and the return to what passes for normalcy. We now resume our regular broadcast. Now where were we....oh was the south of France.

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