Tuesday, April 7, 2009

House of golden stone Tourrettes sur Loup

There at the bottom of Tourrettes sur Loup, where the village path comes to an apex at the scenic lookout, if you turn around and look back at the village, there is the house we see above, golden stone and an invincible location, a courtyard and a towering three story structure with a tree blooming in shades of fiery yellow.
The home is probably 700 years old, the interior is restored, the exterior is amazing, the location is astounding, and the views....the views are a wonder of perfection.  There are several thousand lucky inhabitants of Tourettes sur Loup, many of them locals, many who have lived there much of their life, and then there are many who have found this place, from all over Europe, and made it their home.
The Devil Dog is a simple man with extravagant dreams and a wild streak. But if anywhere would be a perfect location to settle down and while away the afternoons sipping coffee and painting watercolors, or writing that book so often pondered, it would be here, in Tourrettes sur Loup, on the balcony of this house, overlooking this valley, under the yellow plumes of this tree. A Devil Dog can dream, can't he.

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