Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cliffside Manor in Tourrettes sur Loup

As we are coming up the far side of the path that leads back up from the bottom of the village to the main square we come upon a lookout facing west with a chance to view the the cliffside manors of this side of the village.

The Devil Dog is never shy about exploring, and the wonder of these lovely homes sitting here with these amazing views for the last 800 years is enough to put the zap on the head of the most sanguine individual. In the two pictures above we see how the houses and their balconies literally make up the exterior wall of the village, overlooking the abyss below. In the picture below we look slightly north to see the mountains looming above the village. In the south of France there are many astounding beautiful medieval villages, but none that I have found with the air of suspended disbelief, the sheer fairy tale quality of Tourrettes sur Loup.

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