Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Medieval homes and streets Tourrettes sur Loup

It is the astonishment of  living in the modern age in pristine surroundings of a 14th century home that makes Tourrettes sur Loup so fascinating.  Here, in the picture above, is the gateway that leads under the village perimeter at its low point to the scenic outlook above the valley that spreads out below on three sides.  Above the gateway sits part of a beautiful home with an astounding view. 

Here is another restored home dating from the 14th century somewhere in the middle of the village.  The Devil Dog was enthralled with what they must look like inside. We shall see what transpired in that regard in several more columns. Suffice to say for the moment that the entire village has been largely restored in its interiors to impeccable modern conditions while maintaining the flavor of medieval existance in its exteriors and its interior beams.  

As we mentioned, in strolling through the village there is a main sidewalk/trail/pathway/street that takes you literally from the top to the bottom of the village and back to the main square in one circumventing route, allowing a complete tour of all aspects of the village, from shop to homes to scenic look outs, in one penetrating hour or two of exploring. Here below is a look at that pathway as we are coming up from the bottom of the village.
Even the building that seem dilapidated are still fabulous, like the one in the picture below. Tourrettes sur Loup has a distinction and charm that makes it stand out like a flawless gem in a whole area of ancient villages that are diamonds in their own right.

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