Saturday, April 11, 2009

Interior of a flat in Tourettes sur Loup

So it turns out that Hans Bloom, retired international airline pilot and resident of Tourrettes sur Loup in the south of France, has quite the medieval 14th century restored apartement on the second floor of an 800 year old townhouse built into the cliff walls of the village as it sits overlooking a ravine on three sides.  And the Devil Dog is quick to notice that Hans, good hearted soul that he is, is fond of lanterns, lots of them. It looks like an advertsiement for Gorton Seafood on his ceiling. Now I love lanterns as much as the next man, and can appreciate a repetitive motif, but I must admit it added a slightly quirky flavor to what was an already spectacular setting.

I mean check out the beams in the ceiling of the sitting area in the upper potion of the living room. The front of the house was a large entree room, with the high ceilings (and the lanterns) with a step up to the sitting area, a surprisingly big kitchen in the interior and a spacious bedroom and bathroom tucked away on the other side of the front entreeway, sort of an extended L shaped apartment. Off the large living room was a fabulous, and well used balcony with incredible views of the surrounding hills and the valley below, like floating above a city in a cloud.
Hans is a friendly sort, kind of the unofficial village greeter. The Devil Dog welcomed the chance to se his apartment, to get a look at the inside of one of these amazing homes, and to see how the transplanted European that has come to embrace the south of France, where ever they may hail from, is adjusting to life in a medieval town on top of a hill. Rather well, from the looks of it.

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