Thursday, April 2, 2009

First glimpse of Chateau St. Martin

High above the city of Vence, framed perfectly by the great stone edifice of a mountain, Baou de Blanc, sits the majestic Chateau St. Martin, an elegent spa in the most regal of definitions, and a mountaintop retreat of impecable luxury, all on the site of a medieval Knights Templer ruin. The Devil Dog first encountered it on his honeymoon, and had lunch there, a surreal visitation to the coming adventure, for I dreamed of staying there from that day forth, and more than a dozen years later the Devil Dog and his lovely bride are going to grace its halls, dine in its restaurants, and soak up the high mountain Mediterranean air.  But for now it is that mystical apparition in the sky, a palace on a mountaintop, a dominating presence on a perch high above the Riviera, with a perfect view of the old oval shaped walled city at the interior of the busy authentically French town of Vence.  

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