Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Grand Chateau, Hotel du Cap Eden Roc

Set as it is on 26 acres of the most spectacular seaside real estate in Cap d'Antibe, the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc inspires a sense of awestruck wonder as you walk the grounds.
Here we see several looks at the main Chateau as seen from different angles on the property, as seen from the garden and spa area above, or as seen from the lawn below.
The main building dates from 1870, and the Devil Dog is told that until very recently the only thing Hotel du Cap accepted was cash....no checks....no credit cards...CASH.  It was quite an amusing idea that until just a couple years ago, guests would arrive with briefcases full of cash, especially during the Canne Film Festival.  The very idea that credit cards were only accepted several years ago leaves me slightly awestruck at the sheer aristocracy of it all.

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