Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Post Ranch Inn

We have arrived at the legendary Post Ranch Inn, a retreat of unimaginable beauty perched on the ridgetop of the most beautiful part of Big Sur, looking down over Point Sur and the Pacific Ocean some 1200 feet below.  Originally designed by architect and Big Sur native Mickey Muennig, Post Ranch Inn has recently undergone a selective expansion, with 10 more units built on a ridge on the other side of the acclaimed restaurant Sierra Mar.  We are staying in one of those units, the magnificent Pacific Suite, a cliffside wonderland perched on the edge of the sky.  Those are three of the new units seen on the ridgetop above, as always at Post Ranch, blended into the natural environment to appear unobtrusive amongst the spectacular scenary.

But oh what views. The Devil Dog has been many fine places, but NEVER EVER has had as beautiful a room with as glorious a view as this.  Here is the lovely Alison Reynolds on the back porch of our room, surrounded by wildflowers, as the golden sun begins its descent.

Tonight we will have dinner at Sierra Mar, one of the great fine dining experiences you will ever have. Here is the restaurant as seen from the front entrance.  We will explore Post Ranch in all its glory over the next two days. Indulge...and enjoy.

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