Monday, June 15, 2009

Les Terraillers

Dinner on our last night in France at the end of an amazing trip was at the spectacular Michelin starred restaurant Les Terraillers, located in a former pottery factory just outside the walls of the medieval town of Biot.  Amongst other charming details, Biot was where Mick Jagger and Bianca had a house during the tumultuous recording of the Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street. But the Devil Dog digresses.
Les Terraillers is a revelation, a spectacular restaurant with style and grace.  A family affair celebrating 31 years of gastronomic perfection, head chef Michael Fulci has taken the reins from his parents, Pierre and Chantal, to prove that the Michelin apple never falls far from the tree. A truffle filled zuchini blossom, as seen above, is flawless, and lobster with a curry bisque is exceptional, but is only a warm up act for the Veal cutlest and broiled sweetbreads.  With just 14 tables, Les Terraillers is a triumph of Haute Cuisine and impeccable surroundings.

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