Saturday, June 6, 2009

View from our room, Hotel du Cap, Cap d'Antibe

So we check in to the distinguished Hotel du Cap, and they drive us in the concierge golf cart down to their seaside appendage, Eden Roc Hotel, where we are staying in a magnificent suite on the top floor overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  Looking out at the view from our very private balcony we see the swimming pool and the rocky coast abutting the rest of the property with a luxurious seaside mansion in the distance.

Looking across the bay that is Cannes in the distance, and just below us the boat dock where launches land in the summer months. The sea is a bit wilder today, with waves crashing against the shore. Later in the season it is more bucolic, with a calm sea making for a water sports swimming hole  paradise here at the seaside at Hotel du Cap Eden Roc.  

Indeed, just below our room, beneath the open patio where lunch and afternoon cocktails are served, is the diving board and swimming area that is used with abandon in calmer seas.

The Devil Dog is fond of many water activities, and would have gladly leaped from the diving board (above) into  more prescient waters.  Suffice to say the view from our room was spectacular, an abode in the very heart of the Riviera, taking the memories of a few short days with us for an eternity.

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