Monday, June 15, 2009

Renoirs last house...Cagne Sur Mer

On our last day in the south of France we visited the tiny village of Cagne Sur Mer, and then went to the last home Renoir lived in before he died in 1919.  Renoir was increasingly enfeebled by rhumatoid arthritis, and in the last years of his life had to have the brush planted into his claw like grip. In spite of these challenges, his painting did not suffer, and he remained prolific until the end.  In this house you can see his studio, exactly as it was when he painted in it 90 years ago.  In fact the house and grounds are remarkably intact, a living breathing reminder of a simpler life in the times of an artists we still revere today. The olive trees on the property, as seen below, are hundreds of years old.

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