Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Pacific Suite Post Ranch Inn

The Devil Dog has stayed in the finest hotels of the world and has never experienced anything like the Pacific Suite here at Post Ranch inn. The superlatives of location, view, calm, beauty and the stunning emotional impact of the overall experience are without peer. Here then is the Pacific Suite. We are on the lower level in this two unit building, and while the balcony of the upper unit is sweet, the Devil Dog particularly enjoys being able to walkout of my expansive sliding glass doors onto my amazing patio and walk right up to the edge of the cliff.
Here my lovely wife Alison sits on the patio in the reflected glory of this magical place. I have been at the Post Ranch Inn several times, and it has always been superlative, but they have taken themselves to new heights with these additional suites.  For if a man can stand on the edge of the precipice, as seen below, and stare into the wonder and the glory of the Big Sur coastland, then surely he has found a place that captures all the joy that life has to give.

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