Monday, October 27, 2008

Aerials over Oahu

Speaking of Hawaii, the Devil Dog has  always been a big fan of taking helicopter rides while in the islands, if only to get amazing views of unforgettable scenery which can be seen in no other way.  Sometimes its fabulous to see major landmarks and traditional attractions from an aerial view, as on a recent trip to Honolulu, on Oahu.  The amazing thing is how well you can see from the sky, and how remarkable familiar sights can be from a different perspective.  Above we see the USS Arizona resting on the bottom of Pearl Harbor with the gleaming white Arizona Memorial straddling its decks. Over 1600 American servicemen remain entombed in this living reminder of Pearl Harbor and WWII.

Below is the brilliant pink landmark, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, the symbol of Waikiki Beach since its opening in 1926. A magnificent 5 star luxury resort, the Royal Hawaiian retains the charm and phenomenal location of another age that has made it the epitome of comfort and timeless accommodation.
Just past the Royal Hawaiian, in the  early morning light, lies the iconic glory of Diamond Head crater and the ring of luxury condos at its base.   Its an amazing view of a legend from the sky, and part of what makes Oahu an indelible destination even when too many pass it by to see the outer islands of Maui and Kauai.  We will explore the charms of Oahu further in the weeks ahead.

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