Friday, October 24, 2008

The Churches of Troyes

The Devil Dog seems to keep coming back to Troyes as we go through our pictures fromour recent trip to France, not least of which is because Troyes has so many different captivating looks and attractions, not only the multiplicity of half timbered homes and buildings, but beautiful cathedrals  as well, three of whom are on display here.  Above is the stunning Basilica St. Urbain, just across from the Rue de la Republique.  Below is the singular one towered Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, just through the alleyway from our hotel, the beautifully restored Maison de Rhodes.

One of the great details on each cathedral are the gargoyles that adorn the outer structural walls, frequently doubling as waterspouts.  Below is a lovely cherubic gargoyle on the side of the Basillica St. Urbain.

Perhaps the most beautiful interiors of any of the churches was at the church of St Madeline, where a large stone arch crosses the pulpit, a relic of the 15th century separation of  monks and commoners that has been torn down in numerous other cathedrals from the same period.  The continued restoration of the town of Troyes is a tribute to the preservation of a different time by integrating the ancient architecture and buildings into the modern age while retaining the beauty of its initial grandeur. 

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