Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Au Revoir to all that....

It was a lovely week in France, and the source of constant enticement and invigoration as we traveled like a group of provacatuers from Paris to Reims to Troyes to Chateau Bligny to Champagne Drappier to Essoyes to Les Ricey to Abbey de Fontenay to Dijon to Beaune and through the vineyards of Burgundy, back to Paris and then home again to Los Angeles. The Devil Dog is enthralled with the high wire and forward motion of life on the road, made all the more scintillating with the company of a ragged gang of co-conspirators, chief among them the aforementioned Francois deLay Du Pompideau (second from right below).

Many many incalculable thanks to Maison de la France and their spectacularly efficient den mother in chief Katherine Johnstone (far right above) for making this an amazing journey. Whenever one is traveling in France it is essential to check out their website .

Our travels on Air France's phenomenal business class made the 12 hour flight from LA to Paris and Paris to LA a dreamlike experience, fully reclined in a sumptuous sleeper seat, pampered like nobility and enjoying the fruits of a fine nights rest only to awake a continent and half a world away. Whenever one travels to France it is alwasy good to check out . One of the architectural and structural joys of this trip is the space age accomodations of Charles deGaulle Airport, your futuristic gateway to the France we all dream of.Specific information for the intrepid traveller through Champagne and Burgandy should be sure to check out and when making arrangements or searching for information. Extra credit for joy and enthusiasm goes to our local guides, Sarah Flook in Champagne (seen above in the photo) and Veronique Beigenger in Burgundy.

We dream of France when we are not there, and feel like we are in a dreamlike state when we are. So many amazing moments with more to come...many more to come.......

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