Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Series of Canards

And we don't mean a pack of lies. No the Canard the Devil Dog refers to are the various forms of fowl we encountered at different times during our trip (and we don't mean the well dressed ducks in the glass cases at the central market in Dijon). In Essoyes (above) a little girl watches the ducks in the river at the center of town.  At the Abbey de Fontenay (next two pictures) we ran into a group of fowl in the parking lot who clearly were comfortable ducking the traffic.  

We thought the the old school look of the sepia tone picture above was a fittingly archaic depiction of the ducks on this ancient property, while they were actually quite colorful, and not terribly shy, as we see here.

Meanwhile, back in Essoyes we ran across these two geese who took one gander at us and began pleading for their freedom, or asking for food, or begging us to boycott Foie Gras.  We weren't sure what their message was but they were certainly not shy about delivering it.

But it all comes back to our little girl on the edge of the river in Essoyes trying to decide what she wanted for, or fowl. As long as she learns she should never tell a canard, but be content to merely eat one. Ohh, the humanity.

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Kent E St. John said...

Very cool pics and post!