Friday, October 24, 2008

With Ski Season coming up...

The Devil Dog loves a good mountain slope and last winter I found myself at Steamboat Springs Colorado, one of America's great ski destinations and the home to more Olympic ski atheletes than anywhere else in the states. Above is  a shot of Storm Peak on a brilliant sunny day. Below is a picture of a lone skier coming down Sunshine Peak.

In the middle of Vagabond Run is a teepee rest stop where families frequently gather to rest while the young uns take a scalp or two.

Outside of Steamboat Springs is the legendary Strawberry Park Hot Springs, a lovely old school hot springs noted for its rustic character and variety of soaking pools.

Riding up the lift to the top of Storm Peak after a hefty snow storm we lookout across the piling drifts at the top of the mountain. Steamboat Springs is a fabulous adventure, and with a new ski season upon us, the Devil Dog thought he would warm up your taste buds with a sample of the winetr wonderland that lies ahead of us.  Next week, a flashback to Telluride.

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