Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Kipahulu is truly at the end of the road, some 15 miles further on from Hana, on the far side of the island of Maui, on the far reaches of the backside of Haleakela volcano, a place of infinite beauty, unspoiled paradise, and where Charles Lindburgh went to escape from it all. The Devil Dog understands intrinsically wherein lies the unbelievably powerful attraction. Hana and Kipahulu are the intimate connection to all that is real about Hawaii.

Lindburgh lived here in Kipahulu for years, died here, and is buried here, in a simple cemetery of Palapala Hoomau Church, notable for its stain glass Hawaiian Jesus, complete with Alii cape, seen below. In the picture above we see the ocean view from the cemetery grounds, a view that Lindburgh saw every day from his home next to his good friend, Sam Pryor (a founder of Pan American Airway), who convinced Lindburgh to come here to live in the 1950's. Pryor and his 5 pet gibbons are buried not far from Lindburgh in the church cemetary.

The views are amazing, as is the drive. You could not be more remote, more removed, a simple 2 lane blacktop twisting through dense jungle over one lane bridges and past waterfalls alongside a brilliant Pacific Ocean, with occasional farms and pastureland dotting the exotic unspoiled landscape. Below are a group of horses lounging in an oceanside pasture not far from Palapala Hoomou Church, paradise for all in a land the Devil Dog cannot forget.

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