Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Cat Man of Troyes

So the Devil Dog is trundling out of the Magdeline Cathedral in Troyes when ambling down the street, just beyond the infamous Rue de Chat (Street of Cats, a narrow alley between half timbered homes where cats would hide in the rafters waiting for pigeons), is this gentleman from Croatia with a large cat wrapped around his neck like a living fur piece.  He babbled with the confidence we have seen often from the eccentric and extroverted about the cat being bred from a strain of Persian cats, how rare and exotic it was, and how he was from Croatia, without elludicating us as to how he ended up here in Troyes, where he is clearly a regular fixture.

The cat, throughout this exercise, lolled about his neck, adjusting its slumbering posture, and standing up at one point to stretch, but never leaving its position wrapped around his shoulders. We noticed at that point that his flannel shirt that served as a cat carrier was virtually shredded in places from the cats claws clinging to its perch.

The cat seemed happy enough, the unnamed man seemed thrilled to have an audience, we all took pictures and marveled at how content the cat seemed to be, before we wandered on to our next destination, leaving the Cat Man of Troyes talking to himself, as he went in search of the next clutch of visitors to stop and engage.

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